Aerial Perspectives in Cape Coral, and the South West Florida Area are a leading Drone Video and Photography company.  We provide Ultra High Definition video and photography from the sky.


There are so many applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) aircraft.

Just a few examples include aerial photography, aerial videography, weddings, golf course fly thru, real estate, law enforcement, search and rescue, structure inspections, roofing inspection, insurance inspection, and much, much more.

We were recently granted a FAA Exemption for commercial operation. To get a custom quote on services specific to your needs, please send us a message for a quick response.  Thank you for your interest in AERIAL PERSPECTIVES!

Want to pilot your own remote controlled aircraft, but not sure where to start?  We've got you covered and we're here to help!  All you need is a RC airplane, quad-copter, or helicopter.  Don't have one or not set on what you want to get?  We can help you with that too. Practice with our RealFlight simulator and get your hands on the controls of over 40 different RC aircraft to learn how to fly without the risk of costly controlled flight into terrain.


Flight instruction

Through the simulator, you'll be able to get comfortable with how the controls for your aircraft work, how to fly with reverse sensing, and develop crucial skills for when you take flight with your actual RC aircraft.

In addition, you'll learn from a FAA Certified Flight Instructor about how your aircraft fits into the National Airspace System, how to operate in airspace system, and the federal regulations that apply to you.

​Send us amessage and start your adventure today!


Proudly serving Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral and the surrounding area.